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Troops - Hero


Prerequisites: hero's mansion level 1
The moment you have a hero's mansion level one you can make a normal unit a hero. This means that you need a stable or barracks before you can create a hero.

The hero can be sent as a reinforcement to other villages like every other unit. However if the village is yours and you have built a hero's mansion there prior to sending the hero, you can use the hero from this village as if it had been created there.

When a hero is trained he has 5 skill points that can be used to increase his 5 abilities. Ability levels can be increased up to level 100. Each time a hero gains a level he earns 5 additional ability points that can be used to increase his 5 ability levels.

  • Offence:

    Points put into this ability increase the attack value of the hero.

  • Defence:

    Points put into this ability increase the defence value of the hero. (The ratio of defence against infantry/cavalry stays the same.)

  • Off bonus:

    Points put into this ability increase the attack value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%). This bonus only applies if the hero is attacking with the army.

  • Def bonus:

    Points put into this ability increase the defence value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) This bonus only applies if the hero is defending with the army. Other defending troops not under your control will remain unaffected by this bonus.

  • Regeneration:

    Points put into this ability increase the regeneration rate of the hero.

After upgrading a hero's mansion to level 10, you can use your hero to occupy oases in your surroundings. At building level 10 one oasis can be occupied, at level 15 two and with a hero's mansion level 20 three. The oases you want to occupy have to be within the 7x7 square around your village.

The example below marks "your" village in black and the oases you are theoretically able to conquer in red. Hint: You can only have 3 oases per village.

Conquerable oases

Conquering player owned oases is possible, too. You need to have at least one open slot in your hero's mansion. Player owned oases can only be conquered using a normal attack. Remember that you have to send your hero along or you cannot conquer the oasis. If the village you are attacking already owns three oases at the time of your attacks the first successful attack will lower the oasis' loyalty from 100% to 0% making it yours. If it already owns two, the attacks only lower the loyalty by 60% and if it already owns one the loyalty will decrease by only 40% in a successful attack.

Troops with higher stat values (attack and defence) are, of course, better and stronger than troops with lower stat values. The reviving costs of the stronger troops are higher than those of the inferior troops, though. Players can own a pool of three heroes and every time the active one dies the player may choose one of the three to be revived.

Hero creator


Level Kills Level Kills Level Kills Level Kills Level Kills
0.0 20.21000 40.82000 60.183000 80.324000
1.100 21.23100 41.86100 61.189100 81.332100
2.300 22.25300 42.90300 62.195300 82.340300
3.600 23.27600 43.94600 63.201600 83.348600
4.1000 24.30000 44.99000 64.208000 84.357000
5.1500 25.32500 45.103500 65.214500 85.365500
6.2100 26.35100 46.108100 66.221100 86.374100
7.2800 27.37800 47.112800 67.227800 87.382800
8.3600 28.40600 48.117600 68.234600 88.391600
9.4500 29.43500 49.122500 69.241500 89.400500
10.5500 30.46500 50.127500 70.248500 90.409500
11.6600 31.49600 51.132600 71.255600 91.418600
12.7800 32.52800 52.137800 72.262800 92.427800
13.9100 33.56100 53.143100 73.270100 93.437100
14.10500 34.59500 54.148500 74.277500 94.446500
15.12000 35.63000 55.154000 75.285000 95.456000
16.13600 36.66600 56.159600 76.292600 96.465600
17.15300 37.70300 57.165300 77.300300 97.475300
18.17100 38.74100 58.171100 78.308100 98.485100
19.19000 39.78000 59.177000 79.316000 99.495000

FAQ and further information

Is it possible to assign rams, catapults, settlers, spies or administrators to become heroes?
- No, that is impossible.

How much can a hero carry?
- A hero can carry nothing at all.

Do I have to create 3 heroes first before I can delete one?
- As long as a hero is dead he can be deleted, regardless of how many heroes you have.

Do heroes show up in battle reports?
- Yes, they do.

Can I see the skills of a hero in the battle report?
- No, this is impossible.

What is the maximum level of a skill?
- The maximum level is 100 per skill.

Is it possible to defend one village with multiple heroes?
- Yes, but the defence bonus only applies to troops of the player who owns the hero giving the bonus.

When does a hero lose hit points?
- Almost every time you attack someone as the base defence (palace + wall) is enough to inflict at least some damage.

Can a hero be used as sole defender or attacker in a combat?
- Yes, but this is not advised as a hero will die if he receives more than 90 damage (or loses more than 90 hit points) in a single battle.

How is the experience of a hero calculated?
- Each opposing dead soldier (experience/exp = upkeep of the dead soldier) in a battle where a hero took part is added as experience. See the table above for a clear listing how much experience/kills you need to gain another level.

Does a hero get experience when he dies in a battle?
- Yes, he does.

How is the experience divided when there are several defending heroes?
- It is divided evenly between the heroes.
Example: If there are 3 heroes, each one would get 1/3 of the experience.

Does a hero get improved by upgrades done in the armoury and the blacksmith?
- No, they do not influence a hero at all, regardless of when the upgrade has been done.

When can I start occupying oases?
- You need a hero's mansion level 10, 15 or 20 for each oasis you want to occupy.

How many heroes can you have at a time?
- Each player can only have one active hero. If this hero dies, the player will have the option to choose one of up to three inactive heroes (including the newly dead one) that (s)he wants to have revived.

Can I move my hero to another village of mine and use him from there to attack?
- Yes, as long as the village you move him to has a hero's mansion.

What happens to the skills and experience when I revive a hero?
- Apart from the hero having 100% hit points again, he will be the same as before he was killed, he'll lose neither skills nor experience.

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