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GPM - Statistics

The statistics are divided into 5 or 6 parts. These are player, villages, alliances, heroes, general and if you have a plus account, Plus.

Player, alliances and villages each have 3 sub categories. These are offence, defence and Top 10. Offence arranges the category by the crop worth of the troops which it has killed offensively. Defence arranges the category by the crop worth of the troops which it has killed defensively. Top 10 shows the top 10 attackers, defenders, robbers and climbers in that category. Those in the top 10 will get a medal.

Heroes shows a list of all the heroes on the server ordered by experience.

The Plus statistics are only available when you have a Plus account. This section contains several depictive representations of your account evolution about villages, account population and your army.

The general part of the statistics contains data about the activity and attack and casualty ratio of the game world.

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